Tilt Five Godot GDNative addon

TiltFiveGodot is GDNative extension for the Godot engine to connect to the Tilt Five system. It implements Godot's ARVRinterface and has GDNative class called TiltFiveManager for scripts to connect glasses and handle connection events.


Currently only Windows 10/11 is supported because that is the only platform supported by Tilt Five. T5 linux support is supposed to come at some point in the future and support for that platform will revisited when it becomes available.

Installing From release

Download the latest release
You can unzip the download to your root project folder or use Godot's import button in the AssetLib tab.


Using the extension

There is an example scene addons\tilt-five\scenes\t5-scene.tscn. It shows how to initialize the glasses and get wand input.

In general for any scene you can instance \tilt-five\scenes\T5Manager into it, connect the signals and add the following initialization code.


extends Spatial

func _ready():
	# Starts looking for available 
	# Tilt Five glasses to use
	# It will signal glasses_available
	# when they are found
	if $T5Manager.start_service():
		print("Service started")

func _on_T5Manager_glasses_available():
	# This will reserve the first pair of 
	# glasses it can for use. It will signal
	# glasses_reserved when done

func _on_T5Manager_glasses_reserved(success):
	# The result of calling reserve_glasses()
	# If successful then the glasses may be 
	# rendered to by setting the viewport
	# arvr flag
	if success:
		get_viewport().arvr = true